I started photography long before digital media existed; it was back in the 1980′s and amongst other things I completed a full-time vocational course in analogue/traditional photography.   The traditional means of using silver-based photography benefited me greatly since it contains handicraft & processes that are unattainable and unexplored by many modern “digital” photographers.
       Analogue photography thus enabled me to get familiar with a multitude of traditional materials, procedures/concepts and B&W silver solutions.
However I am not living in the past since I currently use a digital workflow with its own unique set of solutions, post processes, challenges and benefits.

       Most of my photography back in Sweden was music/concert photography which was closely linked to my work on stage-work at the time.
       On a side-point, I often get asked what musicians I worked with…. but the list is way too big to recall, however a few of them I listed in alphabetic order here.

Another of my passions is traveling and learning through traveling.
       This has manifested itself by the fact that I lived, worked,studied & traveled in the following places just to mention a few.    Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Guadeloupe, East & West Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, England, Ireland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Holland, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Chile…..



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