Those of you who know me over the last 20 years know that I moved countries at a rate which most people do not even move inside their own countries in an entire lifetime.

True, on most occasions this has been a voluntary choice, however this last move was a completely different situation.
It was 100% due to the UK Brexit outcome and due to many reasons linked to this outcome we decided we had to move on again!
But not so much out of a choice this time, more of a necessity … thus since early 2017 we are now back in Dublin once more.

Believe you me…. we never planned for this to happen; but …. “reality strikes” and we simply have to adapt and adjust when things change around us.


My last trip to Central America was an awesome experience and one the best times in my life!!!
For those interested in this journey, below you find my story seen through an old mobile phone I used when documenting my journey. I did not bring my DSLR over.

Here are 2x VIDEOS and our 2x BLOGS from the journey.

1. Nicaragua /  Youtube
2. Costa Rica / Youtube

  1. Nicaragua / Blog
  2. Costa Rica / Blog


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