What camera do you use and why?
I have used Canon pro series since I started back in 1980’s. Now that is purely a personal thing and I don’t get hung up on the Canon V Nikon debate – after all it’s the craftsman that makes the difference rather than the tool. Besides this there is not a single person on planet earth, no matter how advanced that can look at a photo and tell you what brand of camera it was taken with.
The reason I personally chose Canon is because it never disappointed me. They have very rugged bodies/lenses and are used by many demanding professionals (such as war-photographers etc) so I can confidently use them it in most conditions without fear of damage.

What is your pet peeve?
When people tell me “You’re camera takes great photos!” THAT really annoys me so much….. Now, why is that?
It’s kind of like
–  1 – Preparing a delicious meal and then your guests complement the stove !!
–  2 – Writing a great novel and your mates think it’s because you have a nice pencil !!
I hope you get the point, it takes so very much more than simply having a great tool to produce a great outcome.

Now obviously I also ask myself at times when I see a great photo… “I wonder what camera and/or settings he/she was using”?
But the fact of the matter is; I do know that it takes much more than a good camera to take great photographs.
A good photographer can use a bad camera and take a great shot, a bad photographer can use the most expensive camera in the world and the photos will still be lousy.
What makes a good photograph is subjective, it happens when someone captures the moment in a technically capable way at the same time as the subject invoke an emotional response… its when the photographers personal strategy triggers your personal emotions at any level.

A real time event also demonstrates the same point.
One of the most famous violinists’ of all times met an elderly lady after one of his concerts, the elderly lady then said to him him “I just love the sound your violin makes.” He picked up his violin, held it up to his ear and said “Funny, I don’t hear a thing.”
Now apply the same principle to the camera…. it’s as simple as that.

What do you enjoy most about being a photographer?
I get a real kick when I’ve created a great image. I enjoy being able to produce a real photograph from a picture that previously only existed in my head. I also like the social side of my photography. At events I think of myself almost as a guest, and enjoy mixing with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

When my clients see their finished images, you just can’t beat the buzz from their reactions.