Digital V.S Traditional

There are many pro’s and con’s to film and digital photography.
In the struggle between film and digital photography many seem to have a love / hate relationship.
Some want you to love digital photography and hate film, others want you to hate digital and love film.
But both film + digital photography got strong advantages and this must be considered before ruling out either of them.


  • Much better detail in the dynamic range
  • Better handling of exposure problems
  • Low cost to beginning with
  • It’s more “genuine” (can be debated though)
  • Acquisition of knowledge, some say film is harder; but it just got more to offer, thus is down to perception.
  • More forgiving of some focus issues
  • Film got much better resolution
  • Cameras can be bulkier
  • Film takes up a lot of storage
  • Continuous cost
  • Must be developed before you can see the shots
  • You are dependent on labs if you don’t have your own darkroom


  • Higher start cost
  • Easy to lose details in white and black
  • Over 10 megapixel is good enough for huge printouts
  • Cameras are lighter
  • Storage cards are (relatively) cheap + small.
  • One card stores much more images than rolls upon rolls of film
  • You see our photos straight after the shot
  • More advanced post processing of photos

In conclusion, both digital and film create stunning image so the real difference is often what best fits your (or the clients) expectations and budget.