My old darkroom.

While recently going through my digital photos I realised how much I missed working in my darkroom.

I have been without a darkroom for ages, I guess it’s because I keep moving between (and inside) countries and never seem to settle long enough in one place to get back to it again, digital is somehow easier to manage and transfer to new locations.

I miss the smell of fixer, it is a special scent. I also miss watching the image slowly appearing in the developer tray, whilst hanging out in my dim red light and cramped room for hours at a time. Then there is the film grain; noise in digital is not even close to that feeling, there are imperfections in people and surroundings that you can’t clone out.

Then you have the art & skill of dodging, burning, printing, and toning a picture for ages, after all of that the satisfaction when it turns out the way you envisioned it in your mind.

Digital media will never beat that feeling……