Contrary to popular belief you do not need an expensive fancy camera to take decent photos.
These samples are taken using an old mobile phone only and none of these photos are modified in Photoshop at any stage (it’s mobile phone + Snapseed only).

IMG_424720150108_094235_2_120150120_110624_120140922_111344_1 20141115_132857_120150204_120801_2 20140822_170354_1 20141209_115941_1 20150205_141607_120150123_130241_1 20141221_140011_1 20141213_093946_2_1 20140918_092416_120140914_163711_1 20140910_145106_1 20150214_120046_1 20150214_090537_1 IMG_2859 IMG_2280IMG_3972 IMG_3938 IMG_3876 IMG_3694