Apply TFCD here.

Models can apply here

  1. If I approached personally with my leaflet; you are automatically accepted and do not need to perform the application process (outlined below).
  2. If you are an aspiring model and got a personal invitation by email; then you are also excluded from the application process (outlined below).
  3. If you followed a link from a model-portal; please take note of the details below.

This is what I require before possible acceptance
         Anyone can apply; but due to serious time-constraints I am not able to accept all individuals.        To start, please submit photos of yourself as outlined below.
-> Two photos (minimum) where I can see your face and hair clearly from both front and from the side, and I would also like to see you smiling.
-> Two photos (minimum) where I see your body. This does NOT mean bikini or underwear, just normal cloths that show a full-body where i can discern your size and proportions.

-> You do not have to be tall or skinny, however not obese either.
-> You do not have to be young, old people are very welcome indeed.

I am NOT interested in any nude photography and will reject requests involving partial or full nudity.
Additional INFO for Female models
. I normally have a female personal assistant with me during the photo session.
You are however also free to bring someone with you, maybe a relative or friend (this is normally a good idea since it will make you feel more relaxed).

Since my service is TFCD basis I will provide you a limited number of retouched final photos in return.    They will all be very high-quality and the file-size is big enough for you to use in…
– Prints to your model-portfolio.
– Your competition submissions.
– Any other standard portfolio usages you encounter.